My baccarat tips.

When I was in Melbourne, Australia, I lost a lot of blackjack, and when I was dating a dealer, he recommended Bacara.

I thought I’d learned Baccarano Howe in a year or so at the Crown Casino, and I think I’d win 60 percent of the game.

When I came back home, there was a small casino in Gangwon-do. It was Gangran.

I went to Gangran from the opening day. At first, it was 1 million won, but after a week it was changed to 50…I’m 30 now, but…

At first, I took a senior who didn’t know the rules and ate 1200… I’ve been there about 20 times in the early days, and I think I’ve won about 17 games.

All the women I used to visit at the time seemed to be abandoned, and they were so popular that they made room for me when I went there.)

When I was in Seoul, I used to go there often, but my business in Jeonju was busy and far away, so I forgot about it for a while…

Then I went there last week.

The result was 50 wins, but I’m satisfied because my starting money was 100. 50 percent is enough.

I’m thinking of going to the court again around next Friday for 1 night and 2 days.

Now I’m going to tell you how to win on my part.

First of all, you can’t play games that affect what you’re doing. (Whether it’s time or money.

And there are many fundamental stories, and I’m sure you all know, so I’m going to skip it and move on to the game.

One more thing, don’t be greedy for more than 50 percent of your play. So we’ll playin’ a game.

The dealer says. Even a novice dealer can put two out of three where he wants.

So if you’re going to play roulette, you’re going to have to pick a little bit quietly, and you’re going to die as soon as you see it.

You know that Daisai is less likely than Rullette’s Black Red or Evan Son.

Then I have to do Jack and Baccarat. Jack personally recommends Bacara because of the soybean paste player.

Of course, because I don’t know Next Card, there are many cases where soybean paste produces good results.

But when I die of soybean paste, I resent the play and my mind control is shaken.

If you’re confident that you won’t be shaken at all, you can jack…But how many of them will be….

Baccarat picking is simple.

Maybe because I’m lucky, I tend to get a lot of bankers when I cut my hair.

The first 10 editions of Baccara are really difficult. If you die two or three rounds without drawing, you lose confidence.

It collapses in an instant. So I only go to the bank in the beginning. 10,000 won for dead, 20,000 won for dead again, 40,000 won for dead… …

This is a way that anyone can think about. It’s also a very dangerous way…

In my case, I bet 10,000 won each if it starts with 1 million won.

When the player comes out four times in a row, you wait no longer, break the banker, and then start again with the banker.

I’ll never miss the banker line…

Then the worst-case scenario is Player 4, Banker 1, Player 4 or more, Banker 1, Player 4 or more, Banker 1.

If the above comes out, the sum of 1,2,480,000 won for player 4 will be lost 150,000 won, and since that’s number 3, we’ll lose 450,000 won.

I’ve done a lot of Baccaras, but I’ve only seen one time. I didn’t lose it then.

Because I’ve been losing it, I’ve watched the game when the second player came out.

Of course, you can break it with a banker then. I’ll lose it. There’s nothing 100%.

But in my own way, it’s often a madly difficult trick, as below.

0 x 0 x 0 x 0 x 0 x 0 x 0 x 0 x
x 0 x 0 x 0 x
x 0 x

If everyone else gets in, my chip will be growing.

The downside of this method is that you have to give up the player’s line boldly, and it takes a long time.

And I was flattered that I ate 100,000 won, so I started at 20,000 won, so I drank it.

From 10,000 won again, you have to think about eating about 100,000 won for a single day.

I feel like I’m really going to be a banker after the middle, or I feel like I’m really a player.

There’s a time for this. If you don’t get paid, don’t get paid. If you get paid, you get a chance to win.

Even if you get a win, start from 10,000 won.

I can’t guarantee 100%, but I’m sure it’s more than 80%.

If you’re like me, if you’re a good banker, you should be like me.

If you shorten the winning time, it’s icing on the cake.

I’ll tell you more in detail, but there’s a limit in writing…

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