Basic Baccarat System Batting Know-how 1

# Baccara System Batting Know-how Part 1

If you’ve had some experience with Baccarat, like Martin Gale or Parori, you’ve probably heard of it.
But there are so many people who don’t know how to use it.
I’d like to talk about the right way to use system batting.

There’s no end to it if I explain how to use all system bats.
I’m going to tell you how to use Martin Gale’s system batting, which most Baccarat batteries are familiar with.
Please be familiar with this and use other betting methods.

# Perspective of utilizing system batting

All system betting is the same if you understand the point of view.
In fact, the system is a mathematical calculation.
If we know the numbers and we know the addition and subtraction, we can calculate the sum and the difference of all numbers.

So, from what point of view?

revenue calculation
Does it match your own inclination?
Other mental management and capital management are up to you.

It will continue in the next episode.

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