Baccarat System Betting Know-how Episode #2

# Baccarat System Betting Know-how Episode 2

1. 1-3-7-15 System Betting Act

It’s a betting method for greater profit than the Martin Gale system.

1-2-4-8 … Unlike Martin Gale’s system, which bet on

When you first bet on one chip and lose, you bet on three chips.

Unlike the Martin Gale system that wins one chip in a game, it is a game that wins 2, 3, 4.

But the downside is that the risk increases.

2. Parori System

The Martin Gale system, which we introduced earlier, is a system that bounces players based on when they lose the game.

If you lose the game, you’re likely to lose all your capital, so you’re at a high risk.

Contrary to this, however, the Parori system increases the amount of betting when the player wins, so the risk is low.

Parori System Batting has different ways depending on the winning rate and type of game and the player’s inclination.

Common things are as follows.

If you win by betting one chip in the first Betting, you bet two chips by combining the betting amount and dividends.

If you win the next game again, you will bet 4 chips by combining the betting amount and dividends.

In this way, if you win eight consecutive games, you’ll get 256 chips per chip, and if you get it wrong, you‘ll lose eight chips.

We can expect a big profit in case we lose it.

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