Baccarat System Betting Know-how Episode #1

# Baccarat System Betting Know-how Practical Edition

In the actual episode, we will inform you about various system betting methods and types.

1. Baccara System Betting Method (=Martin Gale)

The Martin Gale system is the simplest betting method among money systems.

Just as it is standard practice to bet on a sports game, system betting is standard in Baccarat games.

I didn’t control the betting amount, I paid 10,000 won per game, and I thought, “Oh, this time, I’m a banker.”

Breaking one’s own rules of betting and betting several times the amount of existing betting is foolish not as a matchmaker but as a pushover.

You should never lose your mind when you play a game of money-making.

Martin Gale System Batting is simply twice the amount you lost.

It is also simply called double-batting.

In the first round, you bet a chip on the player‘s victory.

And if the player wins, he’ll bet one chip again, and if he loses, he’ll bet two chips.

Proceed with this pattern in infinite iteration.

I bet two, and if I lost, I’d have four chips.

In terms of the number of cases, if you keep hitting Martin without losing your reason, the main battle will be restored.

Therefore, the first batch amount of the battery is appropriate for system batting, which is one-tenth or less of the amount of money it holds.

(because you have to think about doubling the betting money if you lose in a row.)

Theoretically, this batting method is to win the battery.

This system requires a lot of basic funding, and it’s highly likely that the conference will be very large.

This Martin Gale batting method is a very touching way of saying, ‘A rich man makes money.’

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