Baccarat practical know-how, strategic shoe, and betting timing

I had quite a few friends around me doing Baccara.

As time went by, one or two of them fell apart. Some friends had more money in their hands than I had.

Some of my friends got better because they started off badly.

But after some time, all my friends except me have a bad result.

Of course, besides my real friend, I used to work at a cafe, personally through e-mail.

Through text messages, some of the contacts confirmed that the results were not good.

I’ve lost contact.

Why is that’s why.

Everyone is supposed to make the most reasonable judgment in their opinion.

However, this is about a problem that you know and if you have a problem that’s a little bit more difficult…

There are two categories then.

The kind you need to know to make decisions…

Since it’s hard for you to know, I’ll just be the kind of person who decides with a touch.

Now I’m going to ask you a question.

Now, there are a total of 100 doors in front of your eyes.

One of these doors has a prize of 100 million won.

You picked one door and…

The moderator stands at the other door except for the door and says,

“I know where 100 million is. It’s the door, or the door I’m standing. You can’t change it now.

If you have, I’ll give you a chance to change.”

Will you change your choice or not?

Actually, this is a matter of course for people like me, but…

Usually, logical thinking turns into a psychological problem for those who don’t have a habit.

They don’t want to see the nature of the problem, they’re just being completely wrong.

The answer to this problem is that it must be changed.

The reason is

You don’t have a choice when you first pick the door. That’s 100 million won.

Because the odds of getting it right are only one percent.

But the moderator picks the other door, and it’s either one of them.

If you choose between these two, 99% will have 100 million.

Because if there’s only one percent chance of 100 million on the side you choose.

It’s a very simple question, and even if you give me the answer like this…

Amazingly, a lot of people…

And they say, “That’s what they say.

“But maybe my choice is right?”

“Maybe the moderator’s doing psychological warfare?”

Unexpectedly, many people cannot do basic things such as reading, writing, and listening.

Sometimes you reject logical thinking.

You don’t believe what you see, you see what you believe.

This is also caused by a person’s love of regularity.

Bacara is a game that is designed to be clever.

And there are some devices.

That’s the probability of independence, the goal, some of the dramatic situations that come from simple rules.

What is the situation that humans are worried about?

80% chance of failure and 20% chance of failure.

I’m not worried at all.

Most of the worries come from 50:50. a state of confusion in one’s mind

And that’s a situation I don’t know, and in that case, a lot of people get completely wrong.

It’s also known as panic and panic.

For example, when there’s a fire at a casino, the way most people survive…

We’re going to get out of the way, starting with the people in the front row.

Of course there will be some sacrifice, but it’s only natural that there’s the highest chance of survival.

In fact, if this happens. Most people scream to get out first.

Many people are crushed to death rather than suffocation.

When panic occurs in such a natural situation, it’s human beings who make this unreasonable choice.

Bacara is the most inconspicuous part of the human being.

He’s got something he doesn’t know, and he’s got a list of data that’s not relevant.

Force this person to make a choice every two minutes.

I keep asking kids about complicated maths, physics.

Think of it as forcing you to make a choice. Perhaps the child will go crazy.

You’re stuck in that kind of situation without your knowledge, and your brain is constantly working.

I’m stressed out. Of course, if you get it right, you’ll get an unexpected reward and release adrenaline.

Now do you know why all the Baccarat masters have written, “Rest”?

They know it instinctively, if not theoretically.

You’re constantly betting, and you’re forced to make agonizing choices when there’s no answer.

That’s how much stress it puts on our brains.

If you want your brain to make a normal judgment, the time required by the casino (1 shoe)

You need to take a break sooner.

What you should know while playing Baccarat?

* There is no line in Bacara.

Do I shorten it if I get 10 players?

Do I shorten it if I repeat it 10 times in a row?

So what we’re talking about is the same pattern of repetition.

But in the end, it’s less likely that we’ve been working on it in a row.

It’s not a shape.

So, is it really helpful for us to shorten it?

The answer is no.

To be of help… …

1. You need to know it’s short.

2. To know that it’s short, you can predict the next pattern.

3. Being able to predict the next pattern means you can match it whether it’s shortened or not.

So it’s not even three, so it’s not two, and it’s not even one.

No one in Baccarat can predict the following:

* Basic principles of Baccarat probability

1. The frequency of ples and bangs is almost the same.

2. The frequency of single and secondary is almost the same.

3. The odds of being right and wrong are pretty much the same.

Once we dig deeper into the probability,

Let’s assume that Bang Bang Bang Plus is coming out.

I’ll bet

If you did it once, the chances of a banker coming out are 100%.

If you did it twice, the chances of a banker coming out are 100%.

If you’ve done it three times, the chances of a banker coming out are 100%.

If you’ve done it four times, the chances of a banker coming out are 75%.

If you do it five times, the chances of a banker coming out are 60%.

If you’ve done it six times, you’ve got a 50% chance of getting a banker.

How long you’ve been in Baccarat, too, is the probability closer to the Baccarat rule?

It’s whether it’s true or not. What is the probability of Baccarul? Someday you’ll lose your player.

These are the three probabilities mentioned above. So Gambler is willing to accept all of these odds… Baccara

You have to be able to win.

That means you have to win without breaking the laws of nature.

When you plan Baccara’s strategy, you have to plan a natural strategy that doesn’t break Baccara’s rules and laws of probability.

System betting for baccarat #8

I’m not very good at it, but I’d like to introduce my strategy, which is still on Win’s path.

It’s not that complicated. It’s a strategy that everyone knows. I’m a little embarrassed to call it a strategy. Haha)

1 Betting System

For example, if you start with 5 million won in seed money,

first bet

10 times with 100,000 won betting — rest and repeat when winning more than 2 units

If we lose more than two units, we’ll go second.

Total 5 Unit Winning Game on that day

second betting

If you win more than 2 units with 200,000 won betting, you will return to your first batting after a break.

If you lose more than two units, you’ll go to the third batting.

third betting

If you win more than two units, you’ll be back for the second time after a break.

Run as the fourth bet if 2 units or more are lost units

Fourth and fifth, same as above.

If you win or lose less than 2 units after 10 sessions in all sequential bets, you can repeat it 10 times in the bets or if it becomes 500,000 won at some point, the day will be folded.

two position system

A side line, underline or connect more than five times — the same 50 percent, but the side line is a little more advantageous when looking for multiple tables because, as everyone knows, six appears less frequently than six times than six times. In fact, when I tested the system at the waterfront, there were so many tables, so I went around to bend more than five times, and I saw more than six times, seven times, 12 times, and I had a lot of opportunities to do that. In this case, it would feel like I got a bonus.

B Seconds may be similar to the next row, but when either bangs or pls are not attached, they bet on Seconds.

Also, betting on players for no particular reason — Banker commission accumulation is no joke, and as mentioned above, it’s possible where there are more than 100 tables.

Even if you don’t have A or B above, you can use the position you want or like. But the point is that you always have to bet on the same position, and you have to do only fixed bets, not Vesuvets or Double Bets.

The argument of your clumsy system is as follows:


Baccara converges infinitely at 50 percent — the famous probability theory that at least one side of a coin is created at least once when it’s thrown at least 200 times, and as Baccarat simulations and statistics suggest, the system should stand on top of it based on absolute truth.

This is because there is a firm belief that if you repeat the same system, you will never be humiliated. I’m sure he’ll have to try more, but (as above, every time we’ve played the water-project, we’ve still won the first round of Gaji An-ho’s second bet. Of course, I’m writing because I feel lucky enough to go as far as I want to go as far as four or five times) But I don’t think that if anyone tests it, it won’t hurt you.


Bacara is a gmbh that should never be relied on technology — and I think it’s Baccarat that a lot of people bet on pictures, simulations, hunch, luck.

I’m a beginner in Baccarat, but I think it’s a game that can’t be won by these factors. Of course, you might say that you don’t know because you haven’t lost or won a lot of money because you haven’t made a lot of bets, but I don’t think there’s anyone who can always make a profit or make a profit.

However, if it is the conquest of Baccarat at once, rather than the honey on a razor, waiting for the skill of crying painting is the most important thing.


Gemble has to finish in the shortest time — I believe you know the benefits without explaining them.


It’s Baccarada that mechanical betting is essential — providing a lot of very bad service to Baccarat players is extremely helpful to players such as target, squeeze, Tibet, and Super6vet. Maybe some people do the pecking mabacara. I’ve seen a player who always opens up and opens up without getting caught in the cards, and sometimes he watches the play carefully thinking that he’s a master. I’m not sure, but I think the system’s mechanical betting can at least make you less into Baccarat. I think the lid will be less open. If you try to look at Baccarat’s profits every morning, just as you do in the newspaper after drinking cold water every morning, you may be able to repeat every time you win or lose mechanically.


Gamble depends a lot on the flow and the cycle — the system above was built with the will to make the most of it. Of course, we will continue to increase our know-how, which is not like a know-how, because of this. I want advice and transformation from those who have a lot of experience in the field. I need it, but I think the above system will make up for it to some extent because there are days when the game works, days when it doesn’t work, days when it’s a battle, and days when it’s a battle.

Good luck!!